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Welcome to the homepage of Wizart-studio. Let us write your hit song! Or check out our track list to see if we've alreadywritten it! - take a jump into the sound category

Who are we? We are Holm / Winther, a Danish songwriting team consisting of composer Lars Holm and writer Dagmar Winther.

We've been working together for eight years, brought together by a shared love of pop music and a desire to bring music to the many talented
performing artists, who are in need of that one hit to make their career.

We believe we have an ear and an eye for it; and as a composing team we aim to continue to develop and take our sound further. We haven’t quit our day jobs, though. Lars lends his sound expertise to a Pro Audio sales, carrying the finest sound systems known to man, and Dagmar is a journalist and continues to write
for a living.

What can we do? We can either supply or create the track you are looking for, making a studio-quality piece of work ready to have your vocals added. We have an ear for the hit song, we are innovative when it comes to sounds and instruments, and have a talent for creating lyrics that are funny, inspiring, even hot; but never ordinary.
If you can supply us with details of what you are looking for, both in terms of music and sound and what the lyrics should reflect, we will make the track to suit your needs.

All the best


Lars & Dagm'r